Infor FMS SunSystems financial is the ideal solution for medium and big organizations for whom cost analysis and control are a priority.
Infor FMS SunSystems is a suite that meets the needs of different industries and is widely used by international organizations that need to meet statutory accounting regulations without excluding reporting to corporate headquarters. Modules Accounts payable, receivable, asset and general ledgers are combined in a single module. This simplicity of design, combined with the possibility to use multiple analysis dimensions and other import and export functionalities, give as result a powerful and simple accounting ‘engine’.

•Accounts Payable
•Accounts Receivable
•General Ledger
•Asset Register
•Corporate Allocations

Infor FMS SunSystems business modules are suited to the wholesale distribution, meeting the needs of services and other industries thanks to the adaptability and configurability of purchase, inventory and sales management modules.

Improve performance through integrated financial processes

Infor FMS SunSystems helps all companis to improve the efficiency in daily activities. The data entry is accurate and adapted to the business process control based on the specific rules that the company’s business model requires.

Infor SunSystems FMS (Financial Management System) enables companies to integrate local and international applications from the begin to the end of their life cycle. In this way SunSystems becomes the repository of your company without losing its control, flexibility and ability capabilities to adapt.

Create a foundation for a stronger Financial Management system

Reduce the non-operating departments’ costs and to improve service levels and transparency is a critical success factor for companies. This is even more difficult to reach for Finance departments that do not adopt a Financial suitable solution.

Infor SunSystems FMS (Financial Management System) is the financial solution that raises the finance department making him acquire a stable level of growth, supporting the management in daily control of all aspects of business for your company.


The discovery of Oil & Gas and the accounting in this area are not easy. Companies invest millions in drilling activity, the equipment is expensive and technologically complicated, and the drilling can take months or years.
As the financial managers of these companies are well aware, accounting in this hard business is a continuous and complex challenge. The oil companies see the world as a single market, with the standard rules and dozens of different rules for local operations. The financial manager should monitor purchases and must develop cash management plans in sorder to all partners of the joint venture understand the costs at each site, defining reporting for each area of activity and giving attention to the proper allocation of common costs.
Today every industry is affected by new information technology in different ways, therefore, to draw general conclusions about how these affect businesses of all sectors, it would be a mistake. The objective of Sunsystems is to provide the organization with the strategic vision, infuse the ability to increase the productivity and give the necessary flexibility.
SunSystems is the selected product in more than 600 oil and gas sites in the world and consists of all the functions needed to run the business process in a more effective and successful, thanks to its speed in data processing such as exploration, production, refinery operations, the management of major projects, distribution and accounting.
Since the oil and gas market is in constant turmoil for the hectic competition of the 21st century, the key factors that have success need to SunSystems for:
• A help guide for complex reporting requirements
• Generate management information that provide detailed data on the activities
• Obtain information and develop critical insights on the performance
• Gain a competitive advantage for your organization

Infor FMS SunSystems ® in the hotel industry has helped some of the most prestigious hotels and resorts in the world, both simplifying and integrating the business processes in order to improve the visibility and profitability within their enterprise.
The main solutions include:
• A pre-defined chart of accounts relating to the standards of the hotel industry
• A pre-defined analytical structure, with the creation of departmental structures and lines of management to provide a structure for enhanced analysis for the general ledger
• A package of pre-configured Reports that include reports of standard operations and management, including key performance indicators and powerful analysis capabilities
• Some interfaces with the other critics hotel systems such as PMS and POS
• A surprising facilitation in the reports definition for all applications
For over 20 years, Infor FMS SunSystems ® has provided, for Hospitality sector, financial management and business systems. Multinational brands such as Sheraton, Hilton, Raffles, Swissotel Le Meridien, Marriott and Four Seasons, use our solutions to manage their businesses more effectively.

The success of a financial services company often depends on how its information system provides the right information to the right people at the right time. When this happens, a financial institution can increase profits, reduce costs and control risks. In a volatile financial environment, the very survival of the company could be at stake.
The proven reputation of SunSystems, in the financial services industry, makes the acquisition and distribution of information a trusted choice by companies in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific.
SunSystems provides basic performance for financial services organizations, including:
• The flexibility to provide information from a single system, such as revenue by line of business, exposures by type of market and the value of profits by branch of activity
• The proven integration with third-party systems, enabling connections to both numerous operating systems and trading, and numerous decision support systems to desktop
• The ability to trade in any currency, with sophisticated multi-currency software that are simple to use
• Access to timely information for multiple hierarchies provided by advanced consolidation capabilities
• A quick return on investment, risk reduction through the implementation of standard procedures, a global coverage and a single source code
• The selection of technology platforms and environments to satisfy a wide range of business requirements
With an experience of over 15 years in serving the financial services industry, our dedicated team of experts in SunSystems is able to provide the ideal solution for any financial services organization that wants to increase their profits, reduce costs and control risks.

To maintain their competitiveness, logistics companies need to focus on how to optimize transportation planning and how to improve their efficiency.
Must be taken into consideration ideal tools for:
• Determine the planning of most direct and efficient route
• Maximize the load using the policy FILO (First In Last Out), considering the right distribution of weight
• Calculate the price, bearing in mind the cost of fuel, tolls, insurance costs of inventory, service and maintenance planned or not
• Calculate the environmental impact (carbon footprint)
• Become aware of the rules and regulations of the European Union
• Maintain good relationships with the clients and choose appropriate credentials for the selection of partners and subcontractors
• Manage fleet management, asset management and ensuring the reliability of the equipment and delivery times
It all starts by managing sales and marketing campaigns to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Once the contract is signed, all documents and notices must be acquired and integrated inside of the system, with all other procedures. By automating the workflow and the various notifications, time for a fastest response to customers is assured.

When you must choose a Financial solution in non-profit sector, SunSystems has the answer. We have a worldwide reputation for the high performance of the software; we have been chosen by more than 500 customer sites non-profit organizations around the world.
The competence of SunSystems in the non-profit reflects well over 22 years of working experience with organizations such as Save the Children, VSO and World Vision International. This level of experience ensures that Financial SunSystems is the solution of choice for this area, with SOA reports, the satisfaction of SORP requirements, and with the monitoring of the project, the detailed reports of donor type, managing the VAT partial exemptions and limited and unlimited funds.
What’s more? We offer with affordable and at low risk solutions, an essential requirement for the groups that operate in this sector, with limited resources. Our flexible solution can be used both on a national and on a global basis, with the possibility of quick update of the rules to run and activate your business in little time. We also offer a web-based training to help your staff to learn quickly.
Our team of experts knows the Non-profit’s world sector and knows how to build and install the different functionalities in order to meet your needs. We have customers in more than 190 countries using our solutions in more than 30 different languages; you can be sure that your SunSystems solution will help you achieve your goals in any situation.

The Infor FMS SunSystems solution with its characteristic of Single Ledger adapts to the multifaceted nature of insurance brokerage firm, where the Nominal Ledger, the customer, the underwriter and the accounts of third parties must be updated immediately, providing a vision with a solution of continuity of operations in all registers. In addition, the functionality to support the needs of the insurance brokerage industry, including accounting Pay-as-Paid, Principal to Principal, the capacity to treat up to five transaction currencies and the supply of views at a glance of business by the customer, the underwriter and the third party.

SunSystems FMS Corporate Financial Management is the solution that helps your company:

• Reducing the costs of individual transactions
• Reducing the processes and timing of execution
• Getting consistent data with your business
• Improving corporate transparency
For over 30 years, SunSystems has supported companies in Financial applications improving the business levage and raising the technological level of the various platforms, not to mention the ease of use and enriching the various features to maximize productivity and performance.

SunSystems financial accounting solution helps the company:

• Implementing a solution adaptable to your financial processes on a large scale
• Reducing errors and the timing of the data flow
• Improving visibility into business processes and improving performance in general
• Improving productivity through a simple and fast reporting, and providing a simple and intuitive mean of data entry
• In line with the Sarbanes-Oxley and IFRS reporting requirements
• Improving collaboration inside and outside your organization
The solution SunSytems Financial accounting is integrated, feature-rich to give your organization the power and versatility you need. All this allows your organization to operate more efficiently.

SunSystems financial accounting solution helps the company:

• Implementing a solution adaptable to your financial processes on a large scale
• Reducing errors and the timing of the data flow
• Improving visibility into business processes and improving performance in general
• Improving productivity through a simple and fast reporting, and providing a simple and intuitive mean of data entry
• In line with the Sarbanes-Oxley and IFRS reporting requirements
• Improving collaboration inside and outside your organization
The solution SunSytems Financial accounting is integrated, feature-rich to give your organization the power and versatility you need. All this allows your organization to operate more efficiently.

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Infor PM Q & A (generally known as Vision) is the Infor solution for Business Intelligence available to all. Infor Q&A is easy to use and, being integrated into Microsoft’s excel platform, is easy to use to all users already familiar with the software in question. If you are a SunSystems user, you can not ignore the use of Vision for your reporting.

Vision Q&A allows you to generate your reports in real-time and extract all the data you need.

Vision Q&A is consists of the following components:

Q&A Executive
Q& Executive is a cell based reporting tool that allows you to examine data saved in different databases.

Q& XL provides a dynamic link between your data source and Excel, allowing you to export to Excel spreadsheets from multiple databases and tables. By incorporating links and relationships between tables, users are simplified in defining their queries.

Q&A Word
Query & Analysis Word is the right add-on to the Microsoft Word product, providing a quick and intuitive way to extract data from your database and show it to Word documents.

Q & A Alert
Query & Analysis Alert is a Query & Analysis Reporting Extension that facilitates scheduling and deploying all types of reports and queries for their tasks. The program allows you to monitor individual tasks per user and reports, saving their contents within the database.
Query & Analysis Alert can be configured in one of the following 3 methods:
• on a standalone PC, in this case reference is made to the Query & Analysis Alert.
• As client eAlert client on a server-based solution, in this case reference is made to the Query & Analysis Alert Server.
• As a web based client, reference is made to Query & Analysis eAlert (Browser).

Q&A Budget Management
Query & Analysis Budget Management is a document management system that allows control over the entire Budgeting process.
Budget information is defined in Query & Analysis XL worksheets. The Budget Management system manages how individual worksheets will be deployed across departments so that budget information is updated by individual departments and then updated and returned. Budget Management also provides validation and transfer of XL worksheets data to the budget database.

Q&A NetEnterprise
Query & Analysis NetEnterprise is a scalable and safe solution for distributing reports over the Internet.
Query & Analysis NetEnterprise is made up of:
• Query & Analysis NetEnterprise Manager
• Query & Analysis NetEnterprise Server

Q&A Financial Reporting
The Query & Analysis application extracts, turns and sends ASCI data and ODBC data to a central and standalone Financial Datamart system. Financial Datamart is a Microsoft SQL Server database.
Data can be extracted from several different systems with different accounting plans. Query & Analysis through XL and Executive applications will allow you to then run your reporting by accessing the data saved in the dedicated Financial Datamart.

Q&A Maintenance
Query & Analysis Maintenance offers a number of options for editing and controlling your clients and servers; it also provides diagnostic reports, log files as well as translation in the various languages.

Q&A Update Datalink
The DataLink Update feature can also be run after Query & Analysis has been installed on clients. Definition files, commonly called DataLink, contain the rules that Query & Analysis uses to read the database. The process installs the definition for the database in addition to online help and demos files.
New versions of DataLink can be installed without having to install new versions of Query & Analysis, without having to make changes to the engine of the product.

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Experience Infor Eif Studio and extend functionality of Vision Suite to all your systems

• Need access to data from other systems, modules or tables?
• Need to combine information from a range of sources into one report?
• Want to create and maintain this report in a single reporting solution?

Storing data is easy, getting access to data via simple reporting tools is always the challenge. DataLink Studio provides a simple method to open up your business data to the Vision Reporting toolset.

As the technical service provider for your organization, you no longer need to consume valuable resources and time writing (and in most cases re-writing) the numerous reports that your company needs to make informed decisions on their business.

Using DataLink Studio, you provide a controlled, customised and secure platform for your users to write their own reports in Vision, the real time reporting and analytics from Infor.

Benefit of Eif Studio for your company:

• Consolidation and visibility of data from all systems for reporting and analysis.
• Real-time access to any business data.
• Safety and redundancy of data through the application of certified Infor.
• Performance improvement in access to your data through the functionality of Inquiry on line and wizard query.
• Consolidation and visibility that your business needs Eif Studio.

Characteristics of Eif Studio

  • •Fully .Net developed
    •Provides access to leading database types: MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Progress, Sybase, DB2, Access or most ANSI compliant databases
    •Easy to navigate with enhanced window docking and search capabilities
    •Data security can be easily implemented into underlying application
    •Multiple user development
    •Create virtual tables on the fly
    •Based on common XML and XSL standards
    •Scalable from individual tables to large complex systems
    •Worldwide development and support
    •Multilingual Support – User-defined language translations or third-party website translations for any application, module or table
    •Multi database version functionality
    •Easily create complex SQL statements using drag and drop functionality

Infor SunSystems DataLink




Supported Modules

Author Product Version


SunSystems 4 SS4 10.009.008 Ledger Accounting, Fixed Assets, Inventory,
Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Materials
Management, Collect for SunSystems and
InHowes Recurring Invoices.
4.2.6 (all releases up to and including 426a SP11), 4.3.0, 4.3.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3 MS-SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008 Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g
SunSystems 5 SS5 10.007.0019 Ledger Accounting, Fixed Assets, Inventory,
Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Materials
Management, Collect for SunSystems and
InHowes Recurring Invoices.
5.1.2, 5.1.3, 5.1.4, 5.1.5, 5.1.5 SP1, 5.1.5 SPW, 5.2.1, 5.2.1 SP1, 5.2.2, 5.3.1, 5.4.1 MS-SQL 2000, 2005 and 2008 Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g
SmartStream SStream 2.4 Asset Management, Payables, Receiving, Benefits, Payroll, Supplies Management, Billing, Personnel, Vendor, Consolidations, Projects, Funds Control, Purchasing, Ledger, Receivables 7.0.3 and above MS-SQL 2000, MS-SQL 2005, MS-SQL2008, Sybase 12.5

Es. Data Link Terze parti




Supported Modules

Author Product Version


Time@Work  B5016  01.021  System@Work Time@Work Application  4.03  MS-SQL 2005, MS-SQL 2008
Expense@Work  B5402  01.021  System@Work Expense@Work Application  4.03   MS-SQL 2005, MS-SQL 2008
J3Q3Y-1KFQ 01.001 3.03 Sybase
Opera II XRL (Pegasus) Pegasus 05.001 2.16, 2.25.00, 3.03.00, Enterprise 3.03.00, Enterprise SQL 4.00.00 FoxPro, MS-SQL 2000
Vision SharpOWL SharpOWL 06.003 Project Repository, Time and Expenses, Billing Manager, Budget Manager, Resource Manager, IntraCompany Charging All versions of SharpOWL MS-SQL 7, MS-SQL 2000, MS-SQL 2005
MFG/PRO MFG 02.001 Distribution, Manufacturing, Financials, Customer Services, Master Data. All versions of MFG/PRO Progress
EARNIE EPAY 01.004 1.9.50 MS Access
MICROS Opera C39 04.001 PMS, S&C, ORS, OCIS. 2.6, 3.1, 3.6, 3.7, 4.0.1 and 4.5 Oracle, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g
Fidelio Front Office MFPMS 02.004 PMS (Xbase only) 6.1X – 6.25,
7.1X – 7.13
Clipper 5.2e, Clipper 5.23 (Delphi)

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SunSystems Collect provides flexible account management for unparalleled credit management and debt collection.
Thorough analysis of debtor days and cash flow, close monitoring of debtors and the ability to track collection are benefits quickly delivered by SunSystems Collect. Which means you can reduce Days Sales Outstanding and improve cash flow, while minimizing your collection costs.

Main features
• Save time spent on administrative tasks
• Assess a client’s payment behaviour before reviewing their credit limit
• Maintain a complete history of your dealings with an account
• Automate collection diary notes and follow-up tasks
• Streamline your collection process
• Maximize your first pass yield in the collections function
• Increase your cash flow

Providing the information you need…
SunSystems Collect enables you to record and inquire on key aspects of debtor information. Its flexibility means that you can quickly identify offending debtors and provide improved cash flow analysis, when you need it.

Supporting your processes…
SunSystems Collect helps to streamline collection activity through improved task management and automation.
The system ensures that relevant information is delivered to the people that need it, resulting in efficient processing and a reduction in debtor days.

Transparency of data…
Full drill down capability enables staff to access supporting information to make faster decisions, while encouraging customers to reduce outstanding debt – e.g. by making payments by instalment.

• Ability to view source financial transactions and allow instalment payments
• Automated transaction status updates
• Drill down to view and reprint original transaction

SunSystems Collect saves you time
• Identify offending debtors
• Centralize and manage debtor notes
• Track collection activity
• Reprint sales invoices
• Print statement and letters
• Collect cash

Customer Contact
SunSystems Collect provides a full range of facilities to ensure that direct contact with customers is as smooth, efficient and consistent as possible. This approach improves customer relations while maximising use of the credit controller’s time.

• User diaries
• Unlimited contacts
• Notes
• Additional documentation
• Transaction details
• Payment planning
• Single point of entry
• Security

Reporting & Statistics
Collect provides a range of reports and statistical analysis to provide management with full visibility of the debtor recovery status. This increased visibility means that management are able to make decisions on elements such as cash flow on a more informed basis.

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Document management software provider, Version One, announces its global partnership agreement with Infor, the leading provider of business software for mid-market companies.
Version One (including USA-based sister company, V1 Document Management) is now an international partner for document management and imaging software with Infor.
Under the terms of the agreement, Infor is re-selling Version One’s end-to-end document management portfolio tightly integrated into its FMS SunSystems, FMS SmartStream, FMS Masterpiece and ERP SX.enterprise financial management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Using Version One’s solutions, Infor’s customers can electronically create, deliver, authorise, store, manage and process their business documents (for example, invoices, purchase orders and despatch notes) directly from their Infor financial management and ERP systems. This eliminates the time-consuming and costly paper-based handling and processing of documents.

Version One Document Management helps companies like yours to:

•Reduce costs of document distribution with automated E-mail and Fax delivery
•Eliminate the filing and retrieval of all your business documents
•Automatically route your documents, like invoices, for approval
•Direct access to all your Invoices from SunSystems and Vision (Q&A Executive)

The Purchase To Pay (P2P) solution from Version One and Infor has been specifically developed to bring cost savings to organisations and compliment their existing Infor FMS SunSystems.
Supplier communication via purchase orders, purchase invoices and payment notification all cost an organisation time and money when using a traditional paper based method.

Coupled with large inefficiencies of internal authorisation, there are great savings in time, space and money to be made in automating these paper based processes.

The P2P solution focuses on electronic methods of communication, document imaging and workflow as well as automating the costly and time consuming task of manual data entry.

Purchase to Pay per Infor Fms Sunsystems
•Data Capture
•Invoice scanning
•Invoice authorisation
•Payment Notification

Version One’s document management and imaging software covers the following areas:
•Purchase Order Deliery
Generating and distributing purchase order documents to a supplier is typically the first communication in the P2P process. The process usually involves the printing and posting of documents, which is costly and time consuming

OCR Scanning (Optical Character Recognition)
The next document in the P2P process is the purchase invoice from the supplier. This typically presents three challenges to an organisation.
– Manually keying the data from the invoice into their FMS
– Creating copiesof the invoice for business visibility
– Storing a copy of the invoice for audit and tax purposes

Basic Bar Code Scanning
In an organisation with lower volumes of purchase invoices or distributed invoice processing, the automated data capture component may not make business sense. However, the electronic image archive will deliver business benefits which can be justified

Once an invoice has been approved, a payment to the supplier must be made to complete the transaction. Associated with the payment, most organisations will issue a remittance advice notice to the supplier, indicating the amount to be paid and the invoices to which it is related

Purchase Invoice Authorisation
Once the purchase invoice has been processed by Accounts Payable, it will typically need approval from a user outside of the core finance function before it can be paid. This is typically a very paper intensive process, with invoice copies being created and manually sent to approvers in the wider business.

Access SunSystems Documents
With all these documents being processed through the Version One solution, and being simultaneously captured and indexed in DBArchive, SunSystems users now have the ability to access all the transactional documents from within their own working environment

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Adding value to your financial management system: control essential tasks that fall outside the traditional lifecycle of a SunSystems transaction.

Workflow for SunSystems & iPOS workflow have been designed to deliver, for the SunSystems user full capability of workflow.

The module delivers full audit ability and management of all master file data and for business specific transaction processing like credit cards and CAPEX management.

Workflow delivers a powerful process layer that connects the people that run your business with the systems that transact your business:
Process Designer – a flexible way to define a process and its business rules
Process Explorer – easily convert your designs into workable solutions
Navigator – a familiar browser interface makes life easy for users through process initiation, data input and task management
Reporter – delivers customised end user business reports
Activity Server – the back office engine that applies business rules and drives the appropriate process flow, data integration and user notification; real-time access to critical performance indicators help improve the speed and effectiveness of processes
Microsoft Integration – utilise familiar MS tools and solutions quickly and easily

Business Process Management
The Workflow for SunSystems and the iPOS workflow module are a full BPM application suite. This means that the application can operate independently or together with of SunSystems and iPOS.

Processes that customers have put this module to use include fleet management, staff on boarding and off boarding, customer on boarding, purchase invoice automation, mobile applications for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows and Android based devices.

The benefits that could accrue to your organisation:
• Full transparency of all processes from cradle to grave.
• Auditability of all decision points.
• Deploy processes simultaneously to users via browser, Outlook, SharePoint, PDA such as iPhone & iPad, Blackberry etc.
• Gives the organisation the capacity to adopt continuous improvement.

Example processes that we have deployed include, amongst others:
• New supplier
• New customer
• Reference data management in SunSystems eg. analysis codes and bank details
• Credit card
• Employee expenses
• Fleet management
• Mobile phone management
• Employee on boarding and off boarding
• OH&S processes like incident reporting

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Ipos Procurement is a purchasing tool designed specifically for Infor FMS SunSystems users who want to minimise the cost of purchasing and deliver measurable ‘bottom line’ savings to the organisation. Using the power of the internet users are released from the constraints of paper based requisitioning and approval; whilst managers have full visibility of costs from requisition to payment.

Document Management Version OniPOS & Infor FMS SunSystems
iPOS is the e-Procurement solution available to all Infor FMS SunSystems users as a result of Infor concluding an OEM agreement with the authors for iPOS worldwide. iPOS for Infor FMS SunSystems is the only product to integrate with Infor SunSystems on the MS SQL and Oracle platform for all versions of SunSystems.


The iPOS e-Procurement solution offers order to pay process cycle, workflow for all business processes, process and procurement analytics. It is the only product built exclusively for Infor FMS SunSystems and has seamless integration to Infor SunSystems. This offers exceptional business benefits with the lowest cost of ownership of any procurement solution for Infor FMS SunSystems.

There are currently multiple sites in 18 countries with over 15,000 users.

iPOS for Infor FMS SunSystems offers solutions for:
• Electronic procure to pay
• Electronic invoice processing
• Workflow & business processing
• Procurement and process analytics
• Connection integration to any source
• Q&A / Vision for iPOS
• eLearning for user self training
• Punchout to 3rd party internet sites
• Electronic integration to 3rd party logistic sites

This procurement solution has been deployed in the following sectors:
• Public sector
• Service industry
• Member organisations
• Oil & Gas
• Financial services
• Credit unions
• Not for profit
• Hospitality
• Aged care sector
• Education
• Housing Associations
• Media
• Retail
• Insurance

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Contract & Service Billing (CSB) is an invoicing module catering for contract, recurring and ad hoc invoices.

It delivers advanced functionality that works together with your business processes to remove manual tasks and increase data accuracy and speed.

General Features
Regardless if you use either recurring invoicing or adhoc invoicing or both, Contract & Service Billing for Infor FMS SunSystems delivers advanced functionality that includes:

• Flexible invoice postings
• Price books
• Extended descriptions
• Improved internal control via invoice approvals matrix
• Emailing or faxing of invoices
• Flexible invoice layout
• Invoice layout per invoice type and/or customer
• Comprehensive invoice calculation codes
• Multi-currency
• Subject to security, Automatic credit note generation of invoices
• Full integration to Infor FMS SunSystems Collect and Infor FMS SunSystems Advanced Inquiry
• Electronic import of invoice data

Recurring Invoice Billing
Recurring invoice billing, also described as contract billing, enables the user to establish and invoice contracts to be generated on a periodic basis.

• Full contract billing with automatic generation of invoices as per user defined cycles
• Contract invoice billing cycles can be daily, weekly, fortnightly, four weekly, monthly, month end, quarter, quarter end, half year, half year end, annual and annual year end basis
• A full history is maintained of all changes to each contract
• Automatic calculation of prepayment and accruals
• Contract will automatically ‘catchup’ any contract items based on start date and next invoice date
• Contracts references can include up to ten contract amounts, ten contract dates and ten contract references
• Internal notes supporting the contract can be stored against each contract
• CSB has the ability to generate contract refunds and contract adjustments, for example inflation adjustments on contract cleaning contracts
• Contract Invoice Rollback
• Future dated charges cancelled and contract refunds
• Contract line items can be added, cancelled or amended at anytime

ADHOC Invoicing

Adhoc invoicing gives the user total flexibility and control over the production of one off invoices. Contract & Service Billing is the invoicing module of choice for ad hoc invoicing. It is quick and easy to setup.

• Create ad hoc invoices
• Can use pre defined invoice types
• Flexible invoice layouts
• Line items can be dissected across multiple revenue centres
• Easy to use

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It delivers advanced functionality that works together with your business processes to remove manual tasks and increase data accuracy and speed.
Consolidations add-on solution for Infor FMS SunSystems financial management software is purpose built to automate the consolidation process.

The source ledgers can be, amongst others:
• From multiple SunSystem source entities
• Source ledgers can be multiple versions of SunSystems
• Source ledgers can be on different physical servers
• The chart of accounts can be common or varied across the organisation
• Source entities can be fully, partially or joint venture entities
• Source can be many varies currencies
• Source can extract partial data such as debtor only data

The target ledgers can be, amongst others:
• Transpose source data into fields, example source database ID or text stored as a dimension
• Group and aggregate data in target ledgers
• Consolidation can be at summary or detail level
• Handles all reporting currency and translation requirements

• Redo – any consolidation step can be rerun at any time
• The consolidation process is very fast
• Full audit trail of all transactions
• The process can be run at any level within the consolidation structure

Multicompany: Intercompany
Advanced Intercompany for Infor FMS SunSystems processes inter-company transactions automatically. User defined levels of sophistication cater for many different types of balancing transactions.

Features at a glance:
• Operates for multi and single entity business units
• Preview Intercompany transactions before committing them
• The chart of accounts is not required to be common
• Transaction defaults can be user defined or inherited from source transaction
• Intercompany transaction automatically caters for all GST scenarios including RITC
• The source Intercompany transaction can be split across a ratio to multiple entities. This is particularly useful for join venture accounting
• Account code mapping
• Caters for all Intercompany processing scenarios

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Infor10 ION Suite is a new approach to connecting and integrating multiple applications through a middleware layer. ION Suite helps the flow of information between applications, analytics, social media and a powerful business vault with master data that allows users, with disparate applications, to work together

Infor10 ION services suite consists of the following:
ION Tasklist
Managing tasks & alerts.

ION Workflow
Control business processes within your enterprise with the ability to track the step by step execution of a process. You can also create and edit new or existing processes without modifying the host system.

ION Connect
allows you to integrate ION enabled Infor to Infor and non-Infor applications, as well as Infor legacy applications and the Cloud

ION Event Management
Track exceptions with your business processes, whilst being notified in real-time of problem, allowing you to proactively act to resolve problem. The feature also allows you to get away from exception reports and latent information

ION Desk
ntuitive, browser-based interface used to easily configure and monitor all Infor10 ION services

Infor 10 Workspace
Infor10 Workspace is a portal to your enterprise software which provides complementary innovations through web parts, meaning that you can access your own internet resources and your enterprise software, all in one place. Infor10 Workspace allows users to access information and work on one platform instead of having to extract this information from a variety of locations.

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Advanced Inquiry for SunSystems offers the most powerful adhoc inquiry functionality for interrogating Ledgers and iPOS procurement data.
A Finance department spends too much time handling adhoc inquiries – especially those of a non recurring nature. Advanced Inquiry can be used by anyone to get a quick answer to both simple and complex queries in a summary or detailed format.
The drill down and drill around features give users unparalleled flexibility with the additional capability to drill out from any SunSystems transaction to an alternative application database.

• Inquire on Financial Ledgers & iPOS procurement
• Data can be analysed in summary or detailed levels
• Ability to display amounts rounded to ‘0 up to 000,000’s
• The fastest extraction speed of any inquiry tool for SunSystems
• Ability to save previous extractions for future use
• Power grids allow hierarchical grouping, sorting and progressive searches
• Multi level balance inquiry from base selection on any journal field – not just accounts
• Department and Cost Centre balances for entire ledger at your fingertips

Data Selection
• Natively aware of your analysis dimensions
• Completely user defined
• Measure the number of results before running the extract
• Non contiguous selection ranges
• Access all ledgers of a business unit
• Include or exclude rough book transactions
• Select on transaction description patterns
• Select amount ranges from any value field
• Select on the SunSystems 5 ledger extensions

Who, in your organisation, will benefit from using Advanced Inquiry?
• Finance department users who answer ad hoc inquiries
• Accounts Payable /Receivable for invoice and payment inquiries
• Auditors who need to trace transaction details
• Users who have an understanding of the data model e.g. analysis dimensions
• Sales people who are continually watching the status of sales transactions – now they can check for themselves
• Staff who wish to enquire on the status of their expense account transactions
• Accountants analysing finance & procurement data in SunSystems
• Line of business managers who want transaction tracking rather than fixed reports
• Anyone requiring daily activity reporting

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The base SunSystems product covers the majority of functionalities for Italian requirements, e.g. the prima nota.

In addition to the base product Infor have developed IFR, Italian Fiscal Requirements, which enables a customer to produce standard Italian documentation and meet the local fiscal and legal procedures.
IFRt is a software product that requires specialised services to install and implement.

Its main technical features are:
• Web interface
• Developed in and Javascript

Functional Areas:
• Ledger Daily Book
• Vat Books:
– Calculation of monthly/quarter balance to be settled
– Calculation of vat balance and yearly advance
• Banks Payment files, local and international, according to local CBI and SEPA Format
• Banks Remittance files according to local CBI and SEPA Format
• Withholding tax reporting and annual certification letters
• Customer and supplier annex according to local regulation
• Additional Tool like sequence and date control and supplier/customer tax id control
• Black List Comunicaton
• Fixed asset register
• Electronic file for fees by Point of Sales

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Time@Work and Time@Expense constitute an excellent software for human resource planning, registration of TimeSheet Presence, the tracking of expenses and their charge-back to the customer.

• Records the time really engaged with Time@Work
• Manages expenses efficiently with Time@Work Expense Forms
• Invoices to customers quickly with Time@Work Billing Forms
• Updates your accounting system without duplication and further efforts
• Plans and allocates your staff best with Time@Work resource planning

Local, Regional, Global
Wherever your company operates, on a national or global level, requiring management of a single currency or multi-currency, and whatever your language of use, with time@work professional service you’ll get the benefits of monitoring and measuring the profitability of your projects and the verification of the degree of use and efficiency of your resources.

So you can try the following functions:
• Presence and Authorization Form
• Expense Form
• Purchase Request Form
• Approval workflow Project Manager
• User Activity Diary Management
• Planning and Management Employees Skills
• Scheduling and Reporting

Click here to see videos of expense@work:
The 8 Minute Tour

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