Infor FMS SunSystems Enterprise is a complete system for the administrative and economic/financial assistance which includes general ledger, customers and suppliers, in addition to reporting financial and operational analysis capabilities. It also provides functionality for the management of assets, allocations for the budget management and other related functions, which are necessary for the departments of administration, finance and control. Built on an open architecture, SunSystems integrates easily with other managerial systems.

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Time@Work and Time@Expense are software for human resource planning, recording TimeSheet presence, tracking expenses and their recharge to the end customer. Wherever your company operates, with national or global significance, requiring management of a single currency or multicurrency and whatever your language use, with Time @ Work professional service you'll get the benefits of monitoring and measuring the profitability of your projects as well to verify the utilization and efficiency of your resources.


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Epicor has revolutionized the approach with which enterprise resource planning systems and business software solutions are designed, created and used. Our vision redefines the ERP software, putting it at the service of productivity in every area of the organization. Oriented to the specific needs of key sectors of the economy, from manufacturing to distribution, services and trade, Epicor provides complete solutions and know-how essential to help improve operational efficiency and increase competitive advantage.


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