SOME Srl is the Premium Partner in Italy of Epicor for Kinetic and iScala and Channel Partner of Infor Global Solution for the SunSystems solution.
It is also a certified partner of TIM, a leading provider of Hosting services, and of Sedoc Finance, manufacturer of treasury and commercial credit management software.

Epicor revolutionizes the approach by which corporate resource planning systems and business software solutions are designed, implemented and employees. Ours is a vision that redefines ERP software , putting it at the service of productivity in every area of ​​the organization. Focused on the specific needs of key sectors of the economy, from manufacturing to distribution, services and trade, Epicor provides complete solutions and essential know-how to allow improving operational efficiency and increase the competitive advantage .

Financial Management

Fundamentally, the success or failure of companies is based on their ability to create and run profitable businesses.

Supply Chain Management

The primary objective of the existence of any supply chain is to satisfy the needs of customers while achieving business profits.

Production Management

Epicor manufacturing software solutions offer easy-to-use resources for production management

Planning and scheduling

Whether your business is to provide services or distribute products you have a fundamental need to have the right amount and availability of resources

Project Management

The success of a project is crucial for the profitability of the bottom line.

Product Data Management

Epicor's Product Data Management (PDM) software solution is particularly suitable for having full repository knowledge of a product's process and history.

Service Management

Continued downward pressure on margins has prompted many companies to focus on improving customer service.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management (HCM) is a software solution that manages a company's most valuable asset - its employees - in a strategic and coherent way.

Sales Management

The primary objective of a company is to grow profitably, both by seeking new customers and by trying to retain existing ones.

Customer Relationship

Today, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies are more important for companies than ever before.

Italian Fiscal Requirements

The Epicor ERP product natively covers most of the fiscal requirements of each state

Epicor Kinetic 2021

New Release Features
Infor FMS SunSystems Enterprise is a complete system for administrative and economic / financial management, which includes general accounting, customers and suppliers, financial and operational reporting as well as analysis capabilities. It also offers features for asset management, allocations, budget management and other related functions, which are necessary for finance administration and control departments. Built on an open architecture, SunSystems easily integrates with other company management systems.

Infor PM Q&A - Vision Suite

Infor PM Q&A is the Infor solution for Business Intelligence at everyone's fingertips.

Infor Eif Studio

Using the Infor Eif Studio development tool, you can generate your own Data Link and extend the use of Vision Suites to all systems in your company.

Collect Debt Management

SunSystems Collect offers flexible management that is unmatched by other solutions.

Document Management

By using Version One solutions, Infor customers can manage their documents themselves.


Modules provide a complete control and management capability of main data and files

Ipos Procurement

Designed to minimise procurement costs and achieve a measurable profit for the organisation

Contract & Service Billing

Contract & Service Billing (CSB) is a module for the management of ad hoc recurring contracts and invoices


Offers advanced functionality that helps various business processes eliminate manual operations and increase the accuracy and speed of data processing

ION & Workspace

New approach for linking and integrating multiple applications through a middleware layer

Italian Fiscal Requirements

The software manages the first note, the protocol sequences, the calculation of VAT as well as the exact allocation of the competence of withholding taxes.

Advanced Inquiry

Advanced Inquiry for SunSystems offers ad-hoc functionality to query Ledgers and iPOS procurement data

System@Work PSS

Software for planning human resources, recording TimeSheets, tracking expenses and charging them back to the end customer